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Exotic Animal as Pets

Exotic animals as pets

Everybody likes petting animals and birds and that surely depends on the choice of an individual. Initially, the pets were used to release the workload but the trend has shifted away with the inventions of machines. Nowadays, pets are just pets, in a sense that a person can love it, feed it, and play with it. The most advanced version of petting animals is becoming dangerous as the exotic animals are getting into this category like scorpions, sharks, big cats, and even hissing cockroaches.

Sufferings & Abuses

You may have seen the exotic animals mainly in the circus, aquariums or the gymnastic concerts in which they play their part. Have you ever thought of it why the exotic ones? Well, the main purpose is to entertain the audience, no doubt. The audience knows how dangerous and rare they are, and thus appreciate the performance. The reality is that nobody knows how difficult is for them to live away from their natural environment. They are treated very hard by force and often given too little to eat.

During transportation, many of them die or become weak caused by malnutrition. Rare species of snakes are sometimes wrapped in a DVD covers while some are wrapped in suits to avoid walkthrough detections. For the big ones, the cages are so tight that they can barely turn around. Some exotic animals are so sensitive that they may die if not provided the required environment.

Consideration before exotic pets

The most important fact to keep in mind is that animals are animals. Their wild nature can never be replaced by the desired docile nature that humans prefer, no matter how much the animal is trained. Many cases have been reported that resulted in fatal injuries and often deaths of humans by these animals.

Ignorance is one of the most important factors. No matter how easy is to pet and love an animal, it must be in safe hands. Careless owners can surely make for severe conditions for a pet to survive. It was reported that a teenager provided calcium deficit diet to his cougar cub that resulted in deformation in legs. Sugar gliders die if not given proper socialization and a proper diet.

The low breeding rate is one of the worst cause of extinction of rare species. Pandas and Bengal tigers are near to be extinct due to lack of proper ecosystems. In the case of such pets, it is surely next to an impossible lifestyle to provide.

Lashing out cases are devastating. Many reports have been issued in which tiger tore out an arm of a boy, a pet lion killing dogs and a circus elephant killing the audience. Even the owners and professional trainers are unsafe.

Medication is also quite difficult to provide for the exotic pets. In addition, they carry some deadly diseases such as monkeypox, tularemia, salmonellosis etc. for the past decade, 70000 such cases have been reported.

So now what?

In the light of the discussion, please think twice before attending events that display exotic animals as they are not cooperative in certain situations. Show your love towards them but be aware of the limitations that come with owning an exotic pet.