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Adoption of the Week

Adoption of the Week #8

As someone who grew up with cats, hamsters, fish, rats, birds, lizards, bunnies and even a tarantula, having a dog was always a dream for me that was never fulfilled. When Sansa, my Australian Cattle Dog, came into my life I could hardly believe how happy she made me.

She was found on Kijiji as her owner at the time was moving and could not keep her. He was not her first owner and had very little about her past to tell me. She’s by no means perfect but I am so fond of all her quirks and the things that make her special. I love that every time I come home she hops up on my bed and waits for me to come lay down for a cuddle. I love how she’s so energetic and we can lay fetch for hours.

My dog means the world to me, and no one quite understands me or makes me happier than she can. I feel so lucky to have been able to adopt this amazing being into my life.

Adoption of the week #7

“I got bella in March of 2007. I had been begging my mum for a couple years for a small dog of my own as we already had 2 large dogs as our family pets. Finally, she decided to give in and I was told I would be able to get a small dog for my high school graduation present. My mum picked me up from school one afternoon and we were on our way to get the newest member of the family. She had called ahead and spoken to the person we were getting the dog from and they knew I was interested in a female. When we got there they had 2 females out playing ready to meet us. I noticed a larger fluffy dog and as soon as she saw me she came running. She was trying her best to bark but it was just coming out as little yelps; she was a ball of fur and super hyper. You could tell she would have been a great dog with a big personality… As I sat down on the floor to play with what I thought would be my new dog I noticed the other little girl who had been the runt of the litter was off in the corner shaking. She was so anxious and confused about everything that was going on she started to pee herself a little bit. I extended my hand out and called quietly for her to come over to me. Her big brown eyes went really wide and she carefully made her way over to me. She gave me one look, put her head down on my lap and let out a big sigh. At that exact moment I knew my dog had chosen me. Bella and I were instant companions. I was in a special correspondence program at my school and the days that I was there I was allowed to bring her with me. My fellow classmates and teachers gushed over her every time she came with me. My mum had been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer about a year before we welcomed Bella into the family. Having Bella around really helped cheer my mum up. She knew exactly what to do to show unconditional love. As my moms condition got worse she was transferred to a local hospice. The nurses there encouraged families to bring in behaved pets as it made the patients feel more comfortable and at peace. I would bring Bella in every opportunity I had and she was so good with people the nurses asked me to take her around to visit other patients. She was able to put a smile on every single persons face regardless of what they were going through. My mum passed away 6 days before my high school graduation and I am thankful every single day that I had Bella to help me get through it. She really was my saving grace in dealing with the loss of the most important woman in my life. She knew when I needed her and on the days I needed an extra bit of love she was always there to give me her best cuddles. I really don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have my special girl in my life. She was the best present I ever received from my mum and I wish I had been able to tell her how much I appreciated her. Bella is now 7 years old and has a little brother named Joey that I adopted a few years ago. He’s a black cat with a kink in his tail and they are the best of friends. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I can’t wait for more years to come with her by my side.”

Twitter – @sarahthibault
instagram – sarahthibault

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Adoption of the Week #6

Sometimes its the animals that adopt us into their lives.

“My story is not an adoption story, I tried to find a Chihuahua that was up for adoption but I had no luck. Due to a physical disability, I need to have a very small dog and when I found Finley, I knew he was my guy. My childhood dog, Storm, was a Collie and a rescue who had been to 4 different homes by the time she was 1 year old. She lived to be 15 (human) years old. When I saw Finley, I noticed his markings, colours and ears were just like hers. Saying goodbye to her after 14 years was incredibly difficult and I felt like he was a sign. I gave him the middle name Norman, after Storm. Finley has brought so much joy to my life and, even for a 3lb dog, has helped me in so many ways. We’re finishing up our Puppy Training and I can’t wait for many years to come with my best buddy!”

-Camille Craig

Instagram – @finleynorman

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Adoption of the Week #5

“Grace is a princess, our virgin bride, our white beauty. She wasn’t always ours though. We adopted Grace from a guy I work with, and she wasn’t that well taken care of. These people just didn’t have the time to give her the love that she deserves. She’s a long hair cat, and when we got her she was completely covered in matted fur, fleas and dirt. She couldn’t meow, I don’t know if that was just lack of care or lovesickness. Now she is beautiful, pure snow white, the love of our life and meows and purrs anytime we come home. My boyfriend wasn’t so keen on adopting a stray from some guy I knew, so we did a test run. That test run turned into a year, and then another. I always joke saying that she is the love of his life, not me. She loves bedtime, and always sits and snuggles us when we are reading. She is the sweetest thing, and is definitely a big part of our life now.”

-Willow Harrison

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Adoption of the Week #4

“My partner and I at the time were planning on getting a kitten around the house because we are both fond of cats and it seemed like a good way for us to bond again. We got Ariya from a feral mother who was pregnant and was taken in by one of our coworkers. Since she had about three or four kittens and were about to be given away we took Ariya home with us and she quickly became queen of the house.

Ariya has such personality she will speak to you and try to have a full conversation. She loves it when you throw hair ties and chase her around the house. Always shows new people her belly and is easy to trust anyone but can be a little escape artist if you aren’t too careful. That’s my little lady!”

-Chris Baker

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Adoption of the Week #3

“When we first saw Roxie she was a bundle of chubby red puppy fur bounding through the snow happily in our new neighbours backyard, they had purchased her on a whim while “shopping” at the pet store, but soon we realized that joy was going to be short lived. Roxie is a gorgeous Shepherd/Rhodesian Ridgeback cross and spent her first 9 months in an abusive home with a backyard that became more of a prison.

Our family along with our neighbours were witness to her neglect and abuse and attempted to get involved in every way from confronting the abusive neighbours ourselves, calling the SPCA, to phoning the police, filling out reports, to even bringing her in our homes and offering to the owners to take her. But to no avail. Finally one Friday I noticed I couldn’t hear her constant barking and became concerned. It was Sunday and we were out gardening in the front yard and noticed the neighbours going in their house, my 5 year old daughter at the time looked up and with the pure innocence and directness of a child asked them, “Do you still have your dog?”, looking shocked, they turned and said to my daughter and I, “Oh no honey she ran away.” I jumped in automatically and asked if she had tags land if they had phoned the humane society, each of them responding with a different opposing answer, I said, “oh well you must be just devastated, I know if a family member was missing, I wouldn’t stop until they were found. If you need help please let us know.” I stormed inside and was furious knowing something awful had happened. The next day I phoned the SPCA and sure enough a dog matching Roxie’s description was there.

I flew down there as fast as I could and I will never forget the look on her face when she saw me. I then learned the horrific way she had come to be there. I knew she had not been home since at least Friday and the staff told me that on Sunday someone found her tied to a soccer post in the downtown park attached to a choke collar, without any food or water. They believe after talking to me she had been there for days. She was all bruised in her back end and petrified of men. I bawled and told them how I knew her and who her owners were. I had to wait 4 days until she was considered legally abandoned and we adopted her. I went to my neighbours and told them I knew what they had done and that she was our dog now and not to come near her. Anyway, from a terrible situation to one of the best decisions we EVER made, with work and A LOT of love we were the ones who were gifted with the most incredible loving, protective, intelligent, BEST dog anyone could ever ask for. She was a dream to train and her unconditional love for our family and all the children in the neighbourhood made her the most beloved dog in our neighbourhood and all our friends and family fell in love with her. Roxie also had a particular affinity for babies so our growing family was perfect for her.

Adopting Roxie and rescuing her had been such a blessing in so many ways. I would and have always supported adoption and encourage anyone looking for a furry best friend to reach out and give your love and security to those like Roxie who need a forever home. Don’t shop, adopt!”

– Amanda MacKenzie

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Adoption of the Week #2

“I adopted Lola just over a year ago. At first she was very shy and timid but she quickly became the love of my life! She has such a loving and sweet nature and is a little cuddle monster! She is a very unique looking little pup so she didn’t get a lot of love when she was younger but now that she’s with me, she gets more cuddles than she can count!

I feel so lucky to have this amazing little dog in my life, she’s so loving and smart – couldn’t have asked for more in a little companion!” – Lauren Starkiller

Twitter – @laurenstarkillr
Instagram – @laurenstarkiller

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Animal Adoption of the Week

Adoption of the Week #1

“My husband and I went to the local Humane society, planning on adopting a different dog we had seen on the internet. We met the dog and knew that after the meeting, this particular dog was not a match for us. We were just about to leave we saw this gorgeous Rottweiler/Lab cross peek his head into the door window. As we were walking by he wagged his tail so hard, his entire body was wagging with it. It was the cutest thing id ever seen. I knew then before we could leave, we just had to meet this happy lil fella.

We were told he had been in the shelter for over 7 months. This is a longer than usual stay for most dogs. The volunteers blamed it on his colouring (who’d have thought…). As soon as his pen door was opened, he crawled right onto my lap… I’m sure he would have crawled right into me if he could. We played with him for a bit, noticing he had no idea how to play with a ball. That broke my heart a little, but we saw he was more than content snuggling up to us/following us around and that was enough. All he wanted was to be close.

We were also told he had back surgery immediately when he was brought in as there was a possible wildlife attack that left him with a massive gash/bite wound on his back. Since the surgery he has healed nicely. He luckily had not been restricted or disabled by the accident at all.

We ended up going home that day and my husband and I could not stop thinking about him. It’s like he had chosen us. So the next day I called the Humane Society to set up a meet and greet with our other dog, Lila. You could tell they hit it off right away….until Koda (a mastermind escape artist) figured out how the latch worked and ran out of the play pen. He got out and ended up taking a tour of the shelter, not going anywhere far. Even after all of that, we knew he had the right spirit and just had to be a part of our family.

To this day he’s been an amazing companion. We’ve definitely had our trials and tribulations with Koda but wouldn’t trade them in for anything. He goes on long hikes in the Rockies with us, trips to the dog park, multiple walks everyday (he was even our ring bearer at our wedding). Koda couldn’t be a happier dog. He even lets my husband, who is completely Deaf, know when there’s something beeping such as an alarm in the house or if someone is at the door, etc. He’s taught us lots about perseverance, how to be patient, and most of all how to put the past behind you. We’ve had him for over two years now and do not regret a day that goes by.

That’s the story of how Koda rescued us!”

– Meg & Tyrell

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