Adoption of the Week

Adoption of the Week #8

As someone who grew up with cats, hamsters, fish, rats, birds, lizards, bunnies and even a tarantula, having a dog was always a dream for me that was never fulfilled. When Sansa, my Australian Cattle Dog, came into my life I could hardly believe how happy she made me.

She was found on Kijiji as her owner at the time was moving and could not keep her. He was not her first owner and had very little about her past to tell me. She’s by no means perfect but I am so fond of all her quirks and the things that make her special. I love that every time I come home she hops up on my bed and waits for me to come lay down for a cuddle. I love how she’s so energetic and we can lay fetch for hours.

My dog means the world to me, and no one quite understands me or makes me happier than she can. I feel so lucky to have been able to adopt this amazing being into my life.

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