Adoption of the Week #6

Sometimes its the animals that adopt us into their lives.

“My story is not an adoption story, I tried to find a Chihuahua that was up for adoption but I had no luck. Due to a physical disability, I need to have a very small dog and when I found Finley, I knew he was my guy. My childhood dog, Storm, was a Collie and a rescue who had been to 4 different homes by the time she was 1 year old. She lived to be 15 (human) years old. When I saw Finley, I noticed his markings, colours and ears were just like hers. Saying goodbye to her after 14 years was incredibly difficult and I felt like he was a sign. I gave him the middle name Norman, after Storm. Finley has brought so much joy to my life and, even for a 3lb dog, has helped me in so many ways. We’re finishing up our Puppy Training and I can’t wait for many years to come with my best buddy!”

-Camille Craig

Instagram – @finleynorman

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