Adoption of the Week #5

“Grace is a princess, our virgin bride, our white beauty. She wasn’t always ours though. We adopted Grace from a guy I work with, and she wasn’t that well taken care of. These people just didn’t have the time to give her the love that she deserves. She’s a long hair cat, and when we got her she was completely covered in matted fur, fleas and dirt. She couldn’t meow, I don’t know if that was just lack of care or lovesickness. Now she is beautiful, pure snow white, the love of our life and meows and purrs anytime we come home. My boyfriend wasn’t so keen on adopting a stray from some guy I knew, so we did a test run. That test run turned into a year, and then another. I always joke saying that she is the love of his life, not me. She loves bedtime, and always sits and snuggles us when we are reading. She is the sweetest thing, and is definitely a big part of our life now.”

-Willow Harrison

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