Adoption of the Week #3

“When we first saw Roxie she was a bundle of chubby red puppy fur bounding through the snow happily in our new neighbours backyard, they had purchased her on a whim while “shopping” at the pet store, but soon we realized that joy was going to be short lived. Roxie is a gorgeous Shepherd/Rhodesian Ridgeback cross and spent her first 9 months in an abusive home with a backyard that became more of a prison.

Our family along with our neighbours were witness to her neglect and abuse and attempted to get involved in every way from confronting the abusive neighbours ourselves, calling the SPCA, to phoning the police, filling out reports, to even bringing her in our homes and offering to the owners to take her. But to no avail. Finally one Friday I noticed I couldn’t hear her constant barking and became concerned. It was Sunday and we were out gardening in the front yard and noticed the neighbours going in their house, my 5 year old daughter at the time looked up and with the pure innocence and directness of a child asked them, “Do you still have your dog?”, looking shocked, they turned and said to my daughter and I, “Oh no honey she ran away.” I jumped in automatically and asked if she had tags land if they had phoned the humane society, each of them responding with a different opposing answer, I said, “oh well you must be just devastated, I know if a family member was missing, I wouldn’t stop until they were found. If you need help please let us know.” I stormed inside and was furious knowing something awful had happened. The next day I phoned the SPCA and sure enough a dog matching Roxie’s description was there.

I flew down there as fast as I could and I will never forget the look on her face when she saw me. I then learned the horrific way she had come to be there. I knew she had not been home since at least Friday and the staff told me that on Sunday someone found her tied to a soccer post in the downtown park attached to a choke collar, without any food or water. They believe after talking to me she had been there for days. She was all bruised in her back end and petrified of men. I bawled and told them how I knew her and who her owners were. I had to wait 4 days until she was considered legally abandoned and we adopted her. I went to my neighbours and told them I knew what they had done and that she was our dog now and not to come near her. Anyway, from a terrible situation to one of the best decisions we EVER made, with work and A LOT of love we were the ones who were gifted with the most incredible loving, protective, intelligent, BEST dog anyone could ever ask for. She was a dream to train and her unconditional love for our family and all the children in the neighbourhood made her the most beloved dog in our neighbourhood and all our friends and family fell in love with her. Roxie also had a particular affinity for babies so our growing family was perfect for her.

Adopting Roxie and rescuing her had been such a blessing in so many ways. I would and have always supported adoption and encourage anyone looking for a furry best friend to reach out and give your love and security to those like Roxie who need a forever home. Don’t shop, adopt!”

–¬†Amanda MacKenzie

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