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Adoption of the Week #1

“My husband and I went to the local Humane society, planning on adopting a different dog we had seen on the internet. We met the dog and knew that after the meeting, this particular dog was not a match for us. We were just about to leave we saw this gorgeous Rottweiler/Lab cross peek his head into the door window. As we were walking by he wagged his tail so hard, his entire body was wagging with it. It was the cutest thing id ever seen. I knew then before we could leave, we just had to meet this happy lil fella.

We were told he had been in the shelter for over 7 months. This is a longer than usual stay for most dogs. The volunteers blamed it on his colouring (who’d have thought…). As soon as his pen door was opened, he crawled right onto my lap… I’m sure he would have crawled right into me if he could. We played with him for a bit, noticing he had no idea how to play with a ball. That broke my heart a little, but we saw he was more than content snuggling up to us/following us around and that was enough. All he wanted was to be close.

We were also told he had back surgery immediately when he was brought in as there was a possible wildlife attack that left him with a massive gash/bite wound on his back. Since the surgery he has healed nicely. He luckily had not been restricted or disabled by the accident at all.

We ended up going home that day and my husband and I could not stop thinking about him. It’s like he had chosen us. So the next day I called the Humane Society to set up a meet and greet with our other dog, Lila. You could tell they hit it off right away….until Koda (a mastermind escape artist) figured out how the latch worked and ran out of the play pen. He got out and ended up taking a tour of the shelter, not going anywhere far. Even after all of that, we knew he had the right spirit and just had to be a part of our family.

To this day he’s been an amazing companion. We’ve definitely had our trials and tribulations with Koda but wouldn’t trade them in for anything. He goes on long hikes in the Rockies with us, trips to the dog park, multiple walks everyday (he was even our ring bearer at our wedding). Koda couldn’t be a happier dog. He even lets my husband, who is completely Deaf, know when there’s something beeping such as an alarm in the house or if someone is at the door, etc. He’s taught us lots about perseverance, how to be patient, and most of all how to put the past behind you. We’ve had him for over two years now and do not regret a day that goes by.

That’s the story of how Koda rescued us!”

– Meg & Tyrell

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  1. Peter Marshall

    “He even lets my husband, who is completely Deaf, know when there’s something beeping such as an alarm in the house or if someone is at the door, etc.” … holly smokes, AMAZING!

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