4 Things to Avoid when Advertising a Pet

1. Never use the word ‘free’ in your advertising

Even if you plan on giving away the animal for free, remember that there are still a lot of costs that come with taking care of an animal. The new owner should be able to afford the basic necessities of life for the animal, including proper nutrition and health care. By using the word ‘free’ in your ads, you could potentially be attracting someone who may not be ready to fully commit financially to caring for the animal.

2. Be careful of the photos you use to show the pet

There are a few things that can really make a difference between a great picture of your pet, and a bad one.

  • Make sure not to show the faces of any people in the photo. Not only should the focus be on the animal, but you also want to protect the identity of anyone who’s photo you use.
  • A large, high-quality photo will do you a lot of good. It’s better to have no image at all, than having an image that is too small or pixelated.
  • Make sure that it’s clear which animal is available for adoption if there is more than one animal in the photo.
  • Keep the background clean and simple
  • The fewer distractions in the photo, the better

What Not to Do

3. Don’t disclose your full name or address in ads

You may feel more comfortable setting up a new email account just for the process of handling the adoption. This will also allow you to keep everything organized and separate from your personal account.

4. Don’t try to guilt people into adopting the animal

Wrong: “If you don’t buy my pet by next week she will be put down!!!! Please stop this terrible thing from happening!!!!”

Remember, you’re looking for the best for this particular animal. Not everyone you meet will get along well with, or be able to care for the animal’s specific needs. It is worth the wait to ensure that the animal goes to a safe and caring forever home, than let it go to just anyone.

Bonus – Use proper grammar in your ads

This means no caps lock! Use proper structure when building your sentences, but still keep your ad straight and to the point.

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